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The universe will conspire…

One of my favourite books, The Alchemist has a line that says:  The universe will conspire to bring you what you desire in your soul.  Well, today, I discovered that the universe sometimes conspires against you achieving your goals.  Just to see what you will do.

I started out my run in the humidity and after about 1km wondered how far I could push my body.  So the mental games began early.  Then within minutes, I got a brutal toe cramp.  So the little voices started getting louder.  “It’s humid.  Your toe really hurts.  You might want to cut it short today Kelly.”  Then the rain began.  This made me listen to the nicer voice that started telling me, “The rain is cooling, it’s refreshing, keep going!”  So at that point I decided I could push through.

However, it wasn’t pretty.  I spent the entire run trying to spread out my toes to find a comfortable position that might alleviate the pain.  I think I might have looked like a penguin.  I just gave up on that and accepted the pain and the awkward foot position that I chose to run with.  Then I turned a corner into heavy wind and rain.  I started to wonder just how wet an iphone could really get before it was an issue. It was pouring.  At that point I’m sure I even yelled outloud at both voices, “COME ON!!!”

The only thing I could do, to forget about all of the challenges, was to refocus on my breathing and my music.  I changed my music and started thinking of #temt.  I decided this was even worthy of a blogpost.  I believe it was Greta (@gret) that said she was going to begin running.  Well, Greta, I spent the last part of my run thinking of you and hoping this would inspire you to keep at it.  5 months ago I wasn’t a runner.  At all.  I NEVER thought I could do it.  But I had someone who believed in me and helped me believe in myself.  Today I realized that when you listen to the nicer voices in your head, you really can achieve your goals.  So keep at it.

Humidity.  Rain.  Toe cramp.  Wind.  Harder rain.  Still toe cramp.  Further distance.  Blogpost.  In that order.


Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Vice-Principal

8 thoughts on “The universe will conspire…

  1. Yay for you Kelly! I love the way you shared this constellation of challenges that threatened you from meeting your goal today. You made it..and even better, you shared it with us.
    I will definitely make a point to listen to those “nicer” voices in my head. I appreciate the reminder and I just love the way you said it. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Thanks Joan. I also took your advice and during the final part of my run, turned on one of my favourite songs to try to trick my brain. It tricked my brain, but did nothing for the toe cramp. 🙂

  2. Kelly,
    Wonderful post! I know I have been there before too as you stated and its worst when it is in the first km. Definately an inspiration as we all begin to get out there move and motivate one another! It helps when we all have someone who believes in us and we believe in ourselves as you stated…anything is possible.
    Awesome Job Kelly!

    1. Thanks Joe. It sounds like you’ve also added an additional spin challenge to your routine now. That’s awesome! Keep at it and let’s just keep each other motivated through #temt!

  3. So true. So. True. I prefer no music, and agree that it’s your focus on simply taking the next step and completing that. This is really all that matters at the beginning, middle, and end of any distance run or walk. Yay for Kelly.

    1. Thanks Susan. What? No music? I don’t even think I could try that! It’s my music that moves my soul enough to further the enjoyment of running. Good for you. You must be able to control your thoughts way better than I. My own thinking would drive me crazy on my run. Thank God for my music. 🙂

  4. Wow Kelly! Thanks for such an amazing post! It has really touched me. I feel really motivated. This has been really encouraging. Your story is a great example of commitment and perseverance. I’ve always believed that sticking to a goal no matter what, is essential when you want to accomplish something. I’m so thankful to #temt. I’ve been meaning to start running for a long time. I couldn’t do it before, because I used to suffer from sinus and breathing problems. I had sinus surgery last year, and the doctor said I was ready to start running if I wanted. I’d never thought of running as a possibility. It was something I’ve always wished I could do, but actually never considered doing. Well, that’s until #temt came into my life!
    I’m planning to start slowly, as everyone suggested it, but I’m definitely jumping into it!
    Thank you Kelly, thanks team #temt, for being such an amazing support.

    1. Thanks Greta! I know you’ll be just fine with your positive attitude and the encouragement of Team #temt. Here are a couple of links that a friend shared with me to get me going.

      But again, you need to do what works for you! Don’t be too ambitious and train your body slowly. Rest if you need a rest. That was the hardest part for me to accept – the fact that I needed to give my body rest days when I wanted to push myself. If you need to chat, I’m only a tweet or DM away.

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