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iPod iDeas #1: 2 i’s on the Learning

In this episode, Kelly explains how to begin thinking about the key learning involved in using ipod touches in the classroom.

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Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Vice-Principal

4 thoughts on “iPod iDeas #1: 2 i’s on the Learning

  1. Wow! Great start to a really informative series. I like the way you have framed the use of the ipod as a strategy within the larger picture of key learnings, while still recognizing its use as a hook for students. Your series will be exceedingly helpful as we all look for ways to help students achieve.

  2. Well done, Kelly. Your “think it” gear really emphasizes the importance of the “why” before the “how”. I really like your suggestion for use where the teacher reads the student’s work and they listen to revise. Teacher feedback could also be hooked onto the end. I’m looking forward to listening in to your next podcast, so I’m subscribing right now!
    P.S. tell Julia I enjoyed her artwork!

  3. Thanks Barb and Heather. I’m enjoying this new learning experience myself. Julia is definitely thrilled to have her artwork incorporated as well. 🙂

  4. Kelly – I enjoyed your podcast along with Julia’s wonderful accompanying graphics. I especially valued how you illustrated the use of technology as a support and assist towards conveying content and teaching skills in an engaging, meaningful and efficient way. Kudos to the students and your teacher colleagues for their participation in the pilot. Thanks for sharing the collaborative learning and I look forward to future iPod iDeas iTerations.

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