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iPod iDeas #2: You don’t need a class set!

In this episode, Kelly explains the optimum number of ipod touch devices that have worked in the classroom.

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Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Vice-Principal

10 thoughts on “iPod iDeas #2: You don’t need a class set!

  1. Kelly,

    I loved the last two episodes (the only ones I’ve listened to so far) because I am just getting 3 ipod touches for my own classroom. Good info! A couple of questions:

    Can you clarify how you are getting a common image for touches?

    What are the steps in setting up an email that the students can send files with?

    bonus question: What tips can you offer up on daily storage and charging of the touches?

    Thanks so much and it is good to get connected with you!


    1. Hi Travis,
      I’m glad you are finding these podcasts helpful. We synced all the ipods to the same laptop. We decided as a group which apps we wanted on the ipods together – we kept them basically literacy and numeracy related to start because we were using them for a specific focus. Then once we synced one to the laptop, we hooked up the others and “restored from backup” and just renamed the next ipods. This put the same image on each ipod. This took time, but it was worth the setup.

      We have a Google Site called “Tools2Go” on our secure board server. This is the site we have students access with an email address. We set up accounts on each ipod (based on the numbered ipod name). The students send content to the class address that their teacher has access too. We developed protocol around what to include in the “subject” line to make sure the teacher knew who sent what. This took time to work through together and developed over time. We ended up changing our minds a few times along the way.

      And for the bonus question 🙂 … our teachers store them in the plastic containers they came in, secured by a thick elastic. We basically went with what we had due to budget limitations. A few teachers have kids in charge of making sure they are charged each day by hooking them up to the computers in the classroom. Another teacher bought the individual plug chargers which you can buy with different numbers of hubs if you like. The teachers did whatever they could to make it work.

      Basically, just begin and learn as you go. And learn from the kids (that’s one of my upcoming episodes). And share your knowledge back with us! I’d love to hear what you learn too.

  2. Hi Kelly – thank you for the second installment of iPod iDeas. I found the content you provided in the podcast, as well as in your reply to Travis to be very pragmatic and addressed some of the logistical issues, information management concerns and IT related constraints that sometimes get advanced when the notion of integrating the use of technology & Apple related products, in particular, is proposed by teachers and administrators as a pilot project. Interestingly enough I had the occasion earlier today to pass along some of your points in a conversation I had with an IT person regarding this very topic. To the best of my knowledge I don’t think any of our schools are currently using iPods as an educational resource, at least in the manner that you & your colleagues have employed them. I am going to forward the link to your podcast to some select schools whom I think will very much embrace your iPod learning journey. I especially valued how you engaged all the key stakeholders in this learning venture and although admittedly a time dependent process your solution-focused approach and persistence is to be applauded. Your shared learning is empowering. Thanks again Kelly.

    1. Terry, thank you for your kind words. I have been working with a fabulous team of educators! I’m happy that sharing our key learnings through these podcast resources may be helpful to some of your colleagues. Share away! Please let me know how it goes and what is learned along the way.

  3. Thanks Kelly,
    Helpful for all teachers who are looking at this. One question – can you clarify the email situation? What do you mean by “This is the site we have students access with an email address. We set up accounts on each ipod (based on the numbered ipod name).”

    Do you mean, you have your students go to a web-based email program to send files? Or, that you created an email account for each iPod to send from (via the mail program on the iPod).

    Thanks for the clarification. Jac

    1. Hi Jaclyn,
      We have an account for each school in the project on our secure Tools2Go Google account on our board server. For example, the address that students would email from the iPod is:
      Then, the teacher can access this site to download all student files. We set up each ipod to email this account in the “mail” app and the signature from each iPod says “sent from iPod 6” but we also have the students place their name in the subject line, just to be more accurate. Please feel free to email me if you need more information. It might be easier to explain in person.

  4. That makes sense. We’re running into some issues because we have board-wide guest wifi (awesome), but it only allows the browser to work, not other programs. This is causing problems for our iPods and other iOS devices because you can’t send files from web-based email… We can easily set up an email account for the iPod, but until we have it set up so that the mail program works, we’re struggling to get files off of them without plugging right in 🙂 We’ll sort it out… I thought for a second there you were using a web-based mail program which would have been awesome (if you had secret way to make it work) because all our students and teachers have email with web access… Thanks for the clarification!!!!:) Thanks for sharing as always 🙂

    1. Hi Jaclyn,

      Web based email use different ports to get email in and out of the network. Your IT people would have to agree to open those ports. They shut them down by default.



      1. Thanks Doug!
        We’ve had the ability opened up for teachers and staff to access for some time, but are taking our time opening up things for students on the guest network. Need time to work with students on safe, appropriate, use, etc. 🙂

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