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The night before the first day…

I have that feeling again… the night before the first day of a new school year as a teacher.
As a teacher…
I am excited.  I am terrified.
I have great plans.  I have questions.
I think I know what I’m doing.  I feel like I have so much to learn.


But it’s not the early days of September, it’s the early days of December.
And I’m not meeting with my students tomorrow. Oh man! I wish I were – it might be easier.

In the morning I will be meeting with my thesis advisor to begin the process around developing my research proposal for my thesis.  I’ve been working towards my Masters of Education for 15 months now and my coursework is just about complete.  Now I get to apply what I’ve learned and formally explore the “wonderments” I’ve created along the way.

Writing has always scared me.  Incredibly.  But I think I’m ready to at least begin.

One thing that I wonder about is the fact that I would like to explore an aspect of Twitter in my thesis. However, my advisor has not been immersed in this online environment.  Will this be a challenge?  Or will I be able to embrace this as an opportunity for additional learning?  Perhaps it will help me be more prepared to explain and teach and possibly demystify Twitter to those who may not have such an awareness or experience.

I’ve decided to begin my thesis work with a narrative journal.  I will use it as a way to capture my thoughts, my aha’s, my fears and my wonderments.  I’m hoping that the archiving and sharing of my thoughts through this process will help deepen my critical reflection along the way as well. If my hope is to study the critical reflection of others, I feel I should be practicing and modelling it myself.

This time I am a student…
I am excited.  I am terrified.
I have great plans.  I have questions.
I think I know what I’m doing.  I feel like I have so much to learn.

I wonder if others feel this way before they begin something new?


Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Vice-Principal

4 thoughts on “The night before the first day…

  1. Kelly,

    The excitement in your voice outshines any fears you may have as you venture onto your next learning adventure. Remember the words you wrote in your post after unwinding from Unplug’d? You were..
    “learning about when I’m willing to sacrifice my voice for others, and when I’m not. I was given the opportunity to stand up for my voice.”

    You convinced me a few months ago about the validity of this topic. Congratulations on moving forward – I look forward to learning from you.

  2. Hi Kelly – I just read your post from Dec 1st so by now you have had your initial thesis mapping session. Hope and trust it went well. In any event I think some anticipatory anxiety about engaging in something new is a good thing. Glad to hear about the narrative journal – I always value your writing, everything that I have read of yours is so very authentic, coherent, persuasive and insightful. I can only envision your thesis to be the same if not even more exemplary and scholarly. Though I haven’t fully embraced social media in all its various forms, there is no question about its capacity as a networking catalyst and change agent. I am sure it will undoubtedly play a pivotal influence in the future of education. Enjoy your new learning quest …

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