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I’m confused.

I’m confused.

Nobody told me how much work it was just to begin writing a research proposal and getting your committee members to agree with your idea.  I had always thought that defending my thesis was going to be the challenging part. I did not think I would be facing so many challenges at the beginning of my process.

So I’m trying to be reflective, I’m trying to think about the suggestions I’ve received.  Some suggestions make total sense to me and support my ideas.  Other suggestions seemed to undermine all the work I have done so far and challenged me to my core.  The hard part is deciding which ideas I’m willing to incorporate into my work and which ideas seem to go against my belief of what I want to do.

That’s the learning.  What am I willing to do without sacrificing my ideas and my voice?

So I’m going to question, and I’m going to listen, and I’m going to reflect. But I will persevere.

I’m also going to make sure that it’s my voice that ends up on the pages of my thesis.


Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Vice-Principal

6 thoughts on “I’m confused.

  1. Kelly, I can honestly tell you that I know what you mean. I am in the midst of something very similar. Luckily, are professions have taught us the true meaning of perseverance …eh? Congratulations on this part Kelly. You are truly remarkable.

  2. Hey there Kelly. Sounds like a tough spot but I think you will be satisfied with the results. If you stick to your guns and use your voice your thesis will have more meaning and value. The nice part is you will have your blog to look back and reflect over the entire process as you celebrate your success. Have fun!

  3. This reminds me of my thesis work which used a methodology no one had heard of to create a research object. My advisor was amazing, however it was not an easy task to convince the others. My skin had to be thick to do the work and take some criticism. However, in the end the thesis won a national award in the end.

    So, Kelly why do I share that story? I share it because I needed to keep my voice to do something truly unique.

    Keep your voice. Push boundaries (especially on methodology) to prove something new. Don’t let people in research, who won’t change or consider items beyond their grasp, limit your ideas.

    Your voice will lead to something truly unique!

    1. Thanks Ben. I’ve learned that it’s about having a thorough understanding of theoretical constructs, being able to articulate them clearly and being succinct with a proposed methodology. I need to continue to work on framing my research questions properly. I will definitely keep at it!

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