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Time to reflect & refresh!

FullSizeRender 5It’s been almost 3 years since my last blog post on my website… that’s crazy.  I seemed to have abandoned it when I completed my thesis. It’s time to reflect and refresh!

I’ve made a few visual changes to my webspace and now I’m trying to think of HOW I want to best use this space.  So I’m opening it up for input (rather than me procrastinating and putting it off any further).

I figured that these are the pages I’m thinking I will use:

  • About Me – I probably need to update this (adding to my list)
  • Important Stuff – outside of the box things I’ve been working on (more like labours of love)
  • Presentations & Projects – professional things I’ve been involved with
  • Google Stuff – As I complete my Google for Education Training and Certification, I’d like a place to park all of the Googley stuff I’ve acquired and would like to share with those who want to use it
  • Apple Stuff – As I complete my Apple Teacher Training and Certification, I’d like a place to park all of the Appley things I’m planning on doing.  And, if I have a page for it, it will make me want to fill it with ideas 🙂
  • My favourite reads – This too needs to be updated (adding to my list)
  • Curriculum Vitae – I’m thinking of publishing this, just not sure – maybe I’ll publish a summarized sketched version instead to keep it fun

I have many questions:

  1. Are these pages important to share? Is there a purpose for each?
  2. What order do I put the pages in?
  3. How do I name the pages?
  4. Is there stuff here that’s not important to share?
  5. Am I missing anything?

Looking forward to your thoughts!



Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Vice-Principal

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