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I am currently a Superintendent of Education (K-12) for  the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. I have served as an Elementary School administrator in WECDSB over the past 9 years. My previous role for 10 years prior to being an administrator was as a teacher consultant in the area of Assessment & Evaluation for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.  As a facilitator of professional learning, I was afforded the opportunity of working along side both elementary and secondary colleagues in the school and classroom settings.  My 12 years of classroom teaching experience, prior to becoming a consultant, in the St. Clair Catholic District School Board spanned Grades 1 to 8, as well as Special Education.

Throughout my career in Educational Leadership, I have had the privilege of being part of many exciting system / ministry initiatives and projects encompassing the areas of Assessment & Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, School Improvement, and Information Technology.  I have also served as President for our CPCO-WE Administrator group. For a more detailed list of projects please visit my projects and presentations page.

As a member of the London Region MISA PNC, I participated as co-lead for the Assessment and Evaluation Focus Group involved in the creation of the Comment Framework support document (ae.misalondon.ca).  Past experiences also involve serving as chair of the London Region MISA PNC’s Action Research Group as well as acting as co-lead for the Collaborative Inquiry Focus Group offering webinar sessions for facilitators of professional learnings sessions and providing training in facilitation skills, team building skills and action research (ae.misalondon.ca).

I have also attained a graduate degree in Educational Leadership through the University of Windsor, Masters in Education program.  My Masters Thesis research focused on a detailed study of Twitter educational chats:  Professional Learning on Twitter:  A content analysis of professional learning conversations among self-organized groups of educators.

My interests in enhancing pedagogical practices with technology were enabled through the leading of a district team in using social media and web 2.0 tools for leadership development and co-founding a twitter based professional book club (edbookclub.com).  I have been an instructor at the University of Windsor’s Computers in the Classroom course and presented Assessment & Evaluation techniques and strategies on several different opportunities to B.Ed. students.  My drive for self-directed learning has led to me becoming a Google Educator as well as an Apple Teacher.

One of my richest professional development experiences involved being a member of the Un’Plugd planning team, along side an enthusiastic team of educators focussed on planning “off-the-grid”events which bring together educators from across the globe to collaborate, share stories & co-author What Matters Most in Education.

I have also served my community as a member of Corpus Christi Parish Council in Windsor, Ontario. I am a reader as well as a pianist in the folk choir at 12:00 mass.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kelly…

    A quick note to say “thanks for making the trek NORTH” to share your passion & energy with our pre-service educators during the recent Infusion Ed-Tech Conference. We have an embedded theme within our program that promotes the pursuit of collaboration (e.g., Teachers Helping Teachers with Technology). Both you and Ben did a wonderful job injecting inspiration into the attending crowd. I hope the experience was reward for you…perhaps our paths will cross again either via the cyber-world or face-to-face.



    PS. Your wordpress site is a terrific vehicle for sharing your story(s)…nicely done!

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