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Keeping honest with my goal…

It’s time to get back to my professional goal of online digital content creation. It seems that I was much more effective at this BTW (before thesis writing). And so now that I have completed my Masters in Education as well as my thesis, I feel as though I can move on with my professional learning goals as a Vice-Principal!

photo (55)Recently, our staff contributed to a Professional Learning Goal wall of excellence in our front foyer, as a way to show our students and our parents that learning never ends.  The goal I chose to display was “to further support staff and students in using technology effectively in the classroom, where students create content to share with others”. 

And so it begins.  I remember listening to an audiobook by Ed Bliss called Getting Things Done.  He mentioned that “the difference between a wish and a goal is very often a number and a date”. I have been wishing I could find more time to work with students and staff on specific content creation projects.  And so now I have turned them into goals.

One goal is to work with a group of grade 8 students and our specialty computer teacher in order to create Learning Skills and Work Habit videos that have a student voice to accompany the teacher resources previously worked on from a teacher’s perspective.  We are hoping to have these done in the next couple of months.

Another goal I have is to work with a group of 20 grade 5 students in order to create an awareness video in honour of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2014.

There.  It’s in print.  I must complete them.  What goals have you set for yourself? Have you written them down, with a number or a date?